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About Admix | Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality

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Food safety and security are important throughout the entire food product delivery system and the conveys the integrity to which equipment manufacturers build their products. Use of the 3-A symbol on dairy and food equipment serves three purposes:
  • Assures processors that equipment meets sanitary standards
  • Provides accepted criteria to equipment manufacturers for sanitary design
  • Establishes guidelines for uniform evaluation and compliance by sanitarians
This is an independent, credentialed authority known as a Certified Conformance Evaluator (CCE) to obtain a third party verification (TPV) report. 3-A does not accept other certifications or approvals in lieu of the TPV inspection. Admix holds current 3-A Sanitary Standard certificates of acceptance for the following equipment:  

EHEDG Certification

download tải m88 vinLiên kết đăng nhậpAdmix EHEDG certificate.

USDA AMS Certifications for Meat & Poultry Processing Equipment

download tải m88 vinLiên kết đăng nhậpRotosolver and Rotomixx.

European Declarations of Conformity

download tải m88 vinLiên kết đăng nhậpEU Declaration of Conformity for materials and articles coming into contact with food.

EU Directives for Machinery, Low Voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility and certain EU Harmonized Standards: Admix products comply to these important EU directives. Click to view our current declarations documents for products that bear the CE symbol:

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