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Living Life with Dogs

As dog lovers and active trainers we have been searching for perfect and stylish clothes that have been designed to meet the requirements of our lifestyle. We noticed that there is almost everything available for one part of the team, the dog and yet there is almost nothing for the other member of the team, the man. Both team members have their special needs in each sport at the canine world. It doesn’t matter if we are training for a world championship or having an epic early morning walk. We always need a proper clothing. We need a clothing which is functional and stylish. A clothing which is really designed for dog people and which is ready to take our lifestyle to the next level. This is why we came out with our idea.

Caninero is a person with a dog. A person who is passionate to make teamwork with his dog. A person who determinedly trains dog towards a common goal that they have as a team. A person who has found the joy and content that only dog can bring into people’s lives. Caninero includes a list of adjectives that are self-evident to people with passion for dogs

This year our dreams come true.
The first Miquel Caninero Collection is released. Stay tuned!

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